Security Services

Security Services


DevOps security refers to the practice of safeguarding the entire DevOps platform through strategies, processes and technology. DevOps security can enable a productive DevOps platform and sametime by helping to identify and fix code vulnerability and operational vulnerability long before they become a huge problem.

DevOps pushes and modifies batches of code over very short time frames, which may far improve the speed at which security teams can keep up with code review. If security measures such as code analysis, configuration checks, vulnerability scanning are not adequately automated, the DevOps output will either be dramatically slowed or lack proper security measure. Normally this could include insecure code, vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, hardcoded passwords and other weakness in application security that can be exploited by attackers or contribute to operational disfunction, including downtime.

DevOps Security Services

Advantages of DevOps Security Services

Application Code Vulnerabilities By running penetration testing, we can spot sensitive code and prevent its vulnerabily. Our team defines security flaws including cryptographic mistakes, logical errors, management flaws and wrong assumptions. As a result, we suggest a bunch of code fixes and strategic steps to enhance the code.
Data Security and Protection Identifying the data flow and classify them to further support you with developing the correct data processing and we can help prevent the external and internal data threats.
Security Threat Modeling Another security step taken to analyze possible risks and timely bugs. Security threat modeling can be applied to the large range of applications including software, networks and in IoT solutions. This structured method includes identifying assets, identifying an application, identifying threats, documenting them and assessing the risks on a regular basis.
Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing Dynamic and Static application testing or white and blackhat testing is absolutely essential. Static Application Security Testing analyzes whats the code, errors, issues, etc., while the Dynamic Application Security Testing monitors an outward operation of the application, its interface vulnerabilities.
General Resistance to Security General talk is security application will slow the development process. However the time and effort cost of catching a security flaw early in the design and development process is much lower.
Vulnerability Management Vulnerabilities should be scanned, assessed, and remediated across development and integration environments. When products are installed in an operational environment, DevOps security can run tests and tools against the production software and infrastructure. Then we can identify and patch exploits and issues.

Results of DevOps Security Services

  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased speed of software delivery
  • Reduced risk of a data breach
  • Achieve regulatory compliance faster
  • Efficiency. Security baked into the entire software development process from the beginning
With automated security tools for configuration management, code analysis, patching and vulnerability management, you can scale security to DevOps processes. Security Services automation can also minimizes risk caused from human error and the associated downtime or vulnerability. The sooner you can match the speed of security to the DevOps process, the lesser you face resistance to embedding security practices.

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