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Compliances Services

We have huge number of chartered Accountants team who can provide any changes on compliances in less time.
Our GST Services are starting from 499 Rupees.

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Our team also provide changes if you looking for Removal/Resignation of Director, Add/Remove a Partner in LLP, Add A Director, Change in LLP Agreement, Change of Registered Office Address, Increase in Authorized Capital, Change in DIN, Surrender Your DIN, LLP Name Change etc.

The Changes we can do as well:

1. Add A Director
2. Removal/Resignation of Director
3. Share Transfer & Transmission
4. Increase in Authorized Capital
5. Company Name Change
6. LLP Name Change
7. Add/Remove a Partner in LLP
8. Change in LLP Agreement
9. Change of Registered Office Address
10. Change in DIN
11. Surrender Your DIN
12. Appointment of Auditors
13. MOA/AOA Amendment
14. MOA/AOA Printing


Need help?

If you are in need of these compliances, please feel free to contact us. Our talented team of experts are happy to help you Analyse your business and suggest you with more ideas of type of service you will be needing for your business.

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